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New Companies

We regularly form companies for clients.

If we form a company for you then please note the following four points.

First, please note that this point does not apply to Guarantee Companies which we usually incorporate with the intended directors. In other cases, when we incorporate your company, we will usually use nominee directors for the initial formation. When you get your pack which includes all the important company documents, it is necessary to remove those nominee directors and put your own directors in place. The online work in doing this will be already complete and one of the documents you get will be a signature page that must be completed immediately. We will email this to you if possible. That signature page is then sent to the Companies Registration Office in Carlow. it takes about a week to process. Do not forget to do this as you may not be able to open a bank account or get a tax number unless you have done so. Please contact us if you have any questions,

Second, when opening a bank account it is important that you bring to the Bank, apart from your own ID, the following:

1. Original  Certificate of incorporation. This is now a digitally signed document in pdf form. While it can be printed out, the bank may require the pdf to be emailed to them. Some of them may wish to see a printout of the certificate so bring that.
2. Constitution of the Company.
3. Original  resolutions with share transfers & share certificates, which show current shareholder(s).
4. Some Banks may require documentary proof of shareholders which can usually be satisfied by providing ID.

We will have given you all of these documents apart from the ID. You will need to have a bank account to get a Tax Number.

Third, a company must file an Annual Return each year. We regularly help clients with this obligation. Late annual returns incur huge penalties (that increase on a daily basis) so it is important that this obligation is not forgotten. The first annual return for a company must be submitted six months after it is incorporated. Do not forget to do this as you will be liable to severe penalties unless you have done so.  We will try to remind you but YOU must make sure its done.  Again, please contact us if you have any questions or if you wish us to this for you.

Fourth, one of the documents we will give you is the Company's original certificate of Incorporation.  This is a copy of a very important document and represents the birth certificate of the Company.  This original is a digitally signed document in pdf form. While it can be printed out (which is what we will have given you), a third party may require the pdf to be emailed to them. You will need to present it, for example when opening a bank account. (See the second point above). It is very important that this digital cert be filed carefully on your computer. We will have kept a copy of it as well. For older companies, we strongly suggest that you frame the certificate you got and hang it on the wall just inside the door of your office or workplace.  If you do this, then we will always be in a position to tell you where it is!

Fifth, you will need to register the Company's beneficial owners with RBO. Filing of beneficial ownership data can only be made on-line through a portal on the RBO website at www.rbo.gov.ie. There are no paper forms and no filing fees involved. 

We are always ready to assist firms with these and all other company, accounting and business process needs. All you have to do is contact us.